Get ready to dive into to the next level of applied physics, photonics and engineering for innovative applications. Future trends include Lifi replacing Wifi, biophotonics and nanotechnology evolving at a fast pace. Think of 3D printing of organs to reduce animal tests and lifesaving applications in health sciences. About freeform optic design for the latest Mixed Reality Headsets for Industry 4.0. About superspeed encrypted networks for secure Big Data. Can't wait?      
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One full day with experts

The bootcamp is all about photonics, a driving technology for many industries in the 21st century. Bridging physics with engineering. Advanced and sometimes futuristic, yet unknown to many. What is the super power of photonics applications that make a difference?

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"After my bachelor in theoretical physics, I followed the path of light technology and worked on real-life applications." Koen Vanmol (B-PHOT PhD researcher)