SESSION 1  (09:00-10:00) Meet the future today

Photonics is a driving technology for many industries in the 21st century, as successor of electronics in the 20th century. Advanced and sometimes futuristic, yet unknown to many. What is the super power of photonics to impact daily life applications?

Prof. Hugo Thienpont, director of B-PHOT photonics research, takes you for an inspiring ride through near and not so near future projects in a rich diversity of domains. The photonics research group at VUB has gained international recognition for its groundbreaking fundamental and applied research in micro-optics and micro-photonics as well as for its leadership in coordinating large scaled European projects bridging photonics expertise with the innovation needs of companies.

The colourful world of photonics, beyond your imagination!

Prof. Hugo Thienpont,

Director B-PHOT & VUB Vice Rector Innovation