Pop Up Class

SESSION 3 (13:00-13:15) Pop Up Class European MSc. in Photonics

One master, two university degrees, many jobs

As a master in Photonics you will find yourself in the driver’s seat of pole position jobs in many domains such as telecom, health care and life sciences, bio-engineering, robotics, freeform projection and imaging, automotive to Industry 4.0.

Enjoy a first preview of the unique and European MSc. in Photonics at VUB, organised with UGent.

Prof. Heidi Ottevaere, Program Director European MSc. in Photonics

SESSION 4 (13:15-13:30) Pop Up Class Photonics 

Ever wonder what ‘light’ really is? How comes that it travels through some materials, whilst not through others? And if a material is transparent, then how does light travel within that material?

If you want to know how light is generated, how you get light from A to B in a controlled manner, and how you can detect light, whilst learning how this is done and applied in practice, then PHOTONICS is the course to follow.

Prof. Francis Berghmans

SESSION 5 (13:30-13:45) Pop Up Class Optical Communication Systems 

Ever wondered which technology enables uploading hundreds of hours of videos per minute to YouTube and social media? And streaming billions of videos per day to mobile phones, computers or TVs around the world? In this introduction, we’ll talk about optical fibers and how they unleash massive data transfer speeds to ensure everyone is connected to the internet anytime, anywhere.

Prof. Jurgen Van Erps